• Estate Planning

    Wealth Management Law Group prepares every type of estate-planning document, from the basic to the complex, including wills, revocable living trusts, irrevocable trusts, educational trusts, spousal trusts, charitable trusts, Nevada asset-protection trusts, and special needs trusts. We also assist clients with estate and trust administration issues.

  • Wealth Management

    Wealth Management Law Group prepares every type of wealth management document, from the basic to the complex, including complex tax saving irrevocable trusts, settlement agreements, prenuptial/ anti-nuptial agreements, and transmutation agreements, in addition to the documents listed in the estate planning section. We’ll work together with you to: Identify and understand your key goals, objectives, and the wealth management issues most important to you, develop your net worth statement and assess your current financial situation, create and draft your basic estate documents and discuss considerations for transferring your wealth. Business Planning. Wealth Management Law Group forms all types of business entities, including corporations, partnerships, limited partnerships, and limited-liability companies. We also prepare and review business contracts, buy-sell agreements, partnership agreements, asset acquisition agreements, and business-succession plans.

  • Real Estate

    We work with large developers, investors looking to put together a portfolio of real estate, and families looking to buy a home. We take the time to walk our clients step by step through all of their options and answer any questions they might have. Real estate matters we handle include:

    • Buying or selling property,
    • Complex property transactions,
    • Real estate finance,
    • Short sales,
    • Transfers of property among family members.

    We have extensive experience with both commercial and residential real estate, and can help with all of your real estate needs.

  • Corporate & Business Planning

    We work with clients who are looking to form a new corporation or LLC to launch their business. We assist clients by drafting partnership agreements, operating agreements, corporate bylaws, and filing the necessary paperwork both with the State and the IRS to ensure clients are fully equipped and able to run all aspects of their business. We assist clients with protecting their assets by forming LLCs to hold many of their investment properties. We also prepare and review business contracts, buy-sell agreements, partnership agreements, asset acquisition agreements, and business-succession plans.

  • Probate and Trust Administration

    Wealth Management Law Group handles probate and trust administration cases. We prepare federal estate tax returns (IRS Form 706), court petitions, and fiduciary accountings. We represent fiduciaries or beneficiaries in will, trust, conservatorship, and estate disputes.

  • Elder Care Management

    Elder Care Management is for aging adults and is designed to help meet the challenges and legal complexities associated with advancing years. Today many individuals and families face difficult challenges associated with advancing years. Even for families and individuals with substantial resources—particularly for those with active careers and growing children—providing for an aging loved one can be a daunting problem. Wealth Management Law Group assists with: Assessing your current situation and support, coordination of community based services, asset and liability management, assists in document preparation and referral to appropriate outside professionals, coordinates tax preparation and payment services, and provides estate management and settlement. We also work in conjunction with other professional advisors—including healthcare and life insurance coverage for allocating risk to assets and liabilities. Wealth Management Law Group prepares necessary legal documents in preparation for the event of incapacity, and overall estate planning. In addition, we will coordinate our efforts with your outside professionals including your accountant, insurance specialist, and healthcare providers.

  • Special Needs Trusts

    Wealth Management Law Group works with first and third parties, including personal injury lawyers, to draft special needs trusts. Special needs trusts are designed to allow persons living with a disability to receive funding into the trust from several sources, while still maintaining their eligibility for Social Security Insurance, Medicaid, State, Federal and local benefits.

  • Guardianship & Conservatorship creation, management, and administration